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The key to everything:
extrusion and moulding

We can use 2 different technologies: extrusion and moulding. With extrusion, we can assure a perfect match to our customers’ drawings. Moulding of junction section allows to produce 3 or 4 different part of hoses in one single product, without external assembling. More customization can be possible into our Assembling Department: thermal resistant sleeve, bushings, insertion, embossing, pad printing and more.

What can we
do for you?

Today MGM is specialized in production of small and medium size series of a wide range of products, both for national market and Europe, Asia and Latin America. Flexibility, speed of action and partnerships are the foundation of our relationship with customers. Our company guarantees, since the beginning, the technical support necessary to solve all problems application of our products. A brand-new quality lab can run physical and mechanical test evaluation. Product is modeled on customer’s drawing, with a deep collaboration in order to choose the technology that can fit best with customer’s requirements.