Grounded in 1982, MGM is specialized in the production of straight, shaped and jointed rubber hoses, with or without textile reinforcement; they can be applied to the motorcycle, motor and industrial motors fields for agricultural and navy employments, and to the domestic and communities household appliance field.

The structure of the Firm occupies an area of 3.000 sq.meters; 2.200 of them are dedicated to the production, and the remaining 700 sq.meters are devoted to the officies and laboratories.

Three production lines, composed by extrusors. knitting machines, presses and cutters in order to give the finishing touch to our products, guarantee the continuty of the Firm production.

The quality laboratory, composed by dynamomethers, rheometers, to measure hardness and control the pipes, is an integrated part of the quality system on the ISO 9001 standards, witch are applied by our Firm in order to gurantee products of high quality content.

Flexibility, partnership and swiftness of action are at the basis of the relationship with our Costumers. Our Firm guarantees, as always, the technical support which is necessary to solve all the problems in the application of our products.